10 jewellery gift ideas for Christmas 2016

It's that time of year again when we all start to wind down and head into the holiday season. Choosing a gift for a special someone can be quite hard especially with budget and their personal tastes taken into consideration.

We all want to give something thoughtful to one another and something that we know that special person will love. 

To help we've put together a top 10 jewellery ideas for this Christmas to help you with your choice: 


10: Ethel Pendant Necklace
Our Ethel necklace is perfect for those who love something unique and a little bit different, but don't tend to like pieces that are necessarily "loud".

Made from rhodium plated zinc alloy that is nickel and lead free and Swarovski Crystal Elements, Ethel is a high quality made piece that will last the owner years of joyful use. The piece can also be worn in two different ways with the front of the design able to be opened to be able to see the beautiful deep blue crystal underneath.

Truly a piece that embodies our store values of being high quality, elegant, memorable and unique.

Price $74.95  

9:Cleopatra Bracelet

Named after the famous egyptian queen herself, this adjustable bracelet will fit most sized wrists and is perfect for a woman who loves a bracelet that she can wear with most outfits. It is also suitable for most budgets as well.

Price $29.95


8: Ariadne Necklace

This necklace is truly stunning. Made with Swarovski crystal elements and rhodium plated this necklace is the perfect size so as to attract attention but not be overbearing. A popular selling style we only have a few left in stock!

Price $39.95

7: Goldie Ring

This ring is perfect for the woman who loves loud statement pieces. An unusual long ring, it is gold plated and made with crystal. Perfect for the woman who loves pieces that are unusual and that draws attention.

Price $41.95 

6: Gabriella Necklace Set

This set is perfect for the woman who loves something classic, subtle and understated. It's also a set for the budget conscious that is under $40.

Price $31.95

5: Aaliyah Adjustable ring

This ring is a perfect choice because it is guaranteed to fit! Being an adjustable ring means that you won't need to worry about fit only design. Aaliyah is also made from crystal and is gold plated so while adjustable there isn't a compromise on quality.

Price $19.95

4: Bow Tie Earrings

These earrings are classic and perfect for the woman who loves something subtle and perfect for everyday wear. Available in white, red and black with either rhodium or yellow gold plating. Perfect for a gift under $20 as well.

Price $19.95  

3: Indigo Earrings

These earrings are moderately large and perfect for the woman who loves purple! Made with crystal and zinc alloy they are relatively light weight for their size and will definitely draw attention.  

Price $39.95  

2: Violet Ring

Our violet ring is the largest ring that we sell and the true definition of a "statement ring". The design is that of butterflies and flowers and is a gold plated ring that is made with crystal and resin. Perfect for the woman who loves pieces that attract attention or that loves pieces that are simply unusual. 

Price $49.95  

1: Christine Necklace Set

Our Christine necklace set is perfect for the woman who loves something classic and bold yet also something quite traditional. Made from gold plated eco friendly alloy with Austrian crystal and imitation pearl this set comes in both white gold and yellow gold plating. 

Price $149.95   

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