And we have launched!!

Hi there!

Welcome to our store Pzella Accessories. Started on a little bit of a whim and a flight of fancy, we want to cater for everyone.

Whether you love small, dainty jewellery or large, blingy OUT THERE statement pieces, we have pieces for everyone and to suit a range of budgets. Only have a tenner? we've got you covered. Want something a little more premium and special? we have you covered too.

We also stock other accessories and will have trend items from time to time like fascinators and clutches, so keep checking back with us to see what we have new.

If there is anything you are ever looking for, please contact us and we can try to help you source it. We're here to help! We love each and every single one of our pieces. Most pieces are either 18K gold plated or silver. Most pieces are lead and nickel free and are made from either zinc or copper alloy.

We hope you love the pieces we have chosen. We firmly believe in the mantra of quality over quantity and hope that you will find pieces in our store that are not only affordable, but amazing, timeless and of outstanding quality.

Jewellery is art form and so is that of the pieces we each choose to wear. They each help us to tell our own individual stories and are a mark of our own distinctive characters and tastes. Be different, unique and standout! That's what we love.

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