How to choose jewellery for a loved one

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner, jewellery comes to mind as an idea for a gift that is both personal and special.

That being said, choosing jewellery for a loved one can be a hard choice. We've decided to put a blog post together on this issue to help you find something that your partner will love.


1. Ask yourself questions about your partner

For example what is their ring size? Do they prefer more subtle pieces or large statement pieces that draw attention? Do they prefer a bracelet over a necklace? What is their favourite colour? These all can help you find a suitable piece.

2. Observe what they like to wear

Taking notice of your partner's personal style and what may happen to be in their jewellery box may happen to help you in choosing the style to go with.

3.  Is there any symbolism attached to the gift?

Giving a necklace with a love heart necklace says something very different to giving a necklace with a more unloaded design. Think about what you want to say with the piece when making your decision. The same goes with rings - giving a girlfriend a ring may be too loaded with symbolism - you may want to settle with a bracelet or earrings instead depending on what thought you want to convey to your love.


4. Do they mainly wear silver/white gold, yellow gold or rose gold coloured pieces?

This can be quite important - They may love the design that you choose.... but then wish that the band was another colour. We recommend observing what rings they already wear and noting the colour when coming to make your purchase.


We hope that this blog post has been informative! If you have any questions or need any help at all please feel free to contact us! We are more than happy to help. Happy gift hunting!




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