How to wear a fascinator


Fascinators are not simply to be won only during racing season. They add a touch of class to any outfit and you can usually buy a fascinator that fits within a range of budgets.

The fascinator is a headpiece consisting of many fashion materials like stones, flowers, and beads attached to comb, band, clip or sometimes even a small hat. The fascinator can range in many sizes from small to medium and large.

Depending upon your choice you can select from heavy to lightly decorative fascinators.

Some women hesitate wearing fascinators but they are so lovely to wear! The easiest ways to wear a fascinator is to place it on either side of your head or somewhere near to the middle depending on the design of the fascinator.

First, comb your and style it according to your choice and then place or pin it on either side of the head. Traditionally many women love to wear fascinators on the right side of the head but there is no hard and fast rule. You can select it according to hair thickness and what goes well with your face shape.

If you have long hair, you can either keep your hair out or tie it up into a french twist or bun. After that, you can pin the fascinator to either side of your head. If side fascinator suits you then just style your front hair to one side and pin the fascinator.

If you have short hair, wearing a fascinator is even easier. Just comb your hair, part it to one side, and place the fascinator on another side. You can also tie your hair just back, make use of bobby pins and pin fascinator. It’s better to use smaller and lighter fascinators for light and short hair.






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