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10 jewellery gift ideas for Christmas 2016

It's that time of year again when we all start to wind down and head into the holiday season. Choosing a gift for a special someone can be quite hard especially with budget and their personal tastes taken into consideration. We all want to give something thoughtful to one another and something that we know that special person will love.  To help we've put together a top 10 jewellery ideas for this Christmas to help you with your choice:    10: Ethel Pendant Necklace Our Ethel necklace is perfect for those who love something unique and a little bit different, but don't tend to like pieces that are necessarily "loud". Made from rhodium plated zinc alloy that is nickel and...

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How to choose jewellery for a loved one

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner, jewellery comes to mind as an idea for a gift that is both personal and special. That being said, choosing jewellery for a loved one can be a hard choice. We've decided to put a blog post together on this issue to help you find something that your partner will love.   1. Ask yourself questions about your partner For example what is their ring size? Do they prefer more subtle pieces or large statement pieces that draw attention? Do they prefer a bracelet over a necklace? What is their favourite colour? These all can help you find a suitable piece. 2. Observe what they like to wear Taking notice...

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